Very detailed visualization of neurons inside the human brain.

3D visualization of the famous ferris wheel in the ghost town of Pripyat in Ukraine.

Camera mapping project in memory of nuclear disaster from Tschernobyl and Fukushima. Thanks to Julia, Oliver and Nassos from Tinkerbelle!

Weekly TV series on ZDF, where I did some VFX stuff and titles. (set extensions, retouch, inserts, stabilizing etc.)

Animated infographics for "nano". Completely done in After Effects.

50 seconds promotional clip for Cheyenne Tattoo. Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Working on a new medical visualization project: influenza infection - host cell invasion and replication.

Motion Graphics project for I was responsible for the whole browser/web-animation, motion tracking, rotoscoping, logo animation and packshot compositing. Special thanks to Stefan from trynoagency [Berlin].

Basic modelling was done in 3Ds Max, sculpting was done in ZBrush.

Inspired from my trip to the exclusion zone last year, I decided to rebuild the ferris wheel in 3Ds Max.

1 minute cinematic spot for BUND Germany

Atomkraft muss Geschichte werden: Official website
"Die Spezialisten" with Valerie Niehaus and David Rott. UFA FICTION production for ZDF.

Official Facebook site
Some stills from my latest "nano" projects.
4 different animated infographics. (dynamic 3d charts and "how it works" animations)
3D and Motion Graphics project for Cheyenne Tattoo.

Watch it here!

Still work in progress: influenza infection - host cell invasion and replication.

Parfumdreams TVC. Animation, motion tracking, rotoscoping and compositing.

Watch the spot here!

Andreas Schoeps
2D/3D Artist
10249 Berlin

3D and Motion Graphics Artist, based in Berlin. Specialized in medical and science animations, as well as product visualizations and How-to-Videos.

Stereo3D/Autostereo, 3D Printing, Projection Mapping, Animation (2.5 and 3D), 2D/3D Infographics, Digital Signage, Sculpting, Particles, Motion Tracking, Presentations, Retouch, CMS, SEO

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Andreas Schoeps
2D/3D Artist
10249 Berlin

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