3D visualization
3D Portfolio
Baywatch Berlin - 3D Artwork (stylized toon)
Baywatch Berlin - 3D Visualization

Baywatch Berlin – Stylized 3D visualization, feat. Jakob, Schmitti & Klaas

Architectural visualization
Semi-detached house 3D

Semi-detached house | Bad Homburg

Conceptual building
Conceptual building

Rhein-Ahr Campus

Sunny morning shower scene - architectural visualization
Sunny morning shower scene

Sunny morning shower scene (interior)

Devialet speaker - 3D visualization
Devialet Phantom Gold

Devialet Phantom Gold (3D product visualization)

FHR annual report - 3D visualization
3D Visualization

Autonomous driving simulator – 3D visualization

World vs. Corona
World vs. Corona

Fight of the year: World vs. Corona (Character design and visualization)

TIRA - Advanced Space Observation Technologies
FHR Imagefilm

Imagefilm (promotional clip) for the space observation radar “TIRA” (Fraunhofer Institute Wachtberg)


Very detailed model of the space observation radar “TIRA” in Wachtberg (Germany).

MK II & Pioneer DJM 600
Technics MK 2 & Pioneer DJM-600

Technics MK II and Pioneer DJM-600

Roland MC-505
Roland MC-505 groovebox

Roland MC-505 Groovebox

Victory Column Berlin 3D (Siegessäule)
Siegessäule Berlin (3D model)

Siegessäule Berlin. (exterior visualization)

Andreas Schoeps - 3D Logodesign

3D logodesign – Andreas Schoeps

Rolleiflex camera 3D model
Rolleiflex camera

Rolleiflex 2.8 GX camera (product visualization).

Sony MDR-V700 3D model
Sony MDR-V700 (3D model)

Sony MDR-V700 headphones (product visualization).

Climate change impacts (3D infographic)
Effects of Climate Change

Climate change: impact on buildings (architectural visualization).

Gretsch Guitar
Gretsch guitar and Marshall amplifier in 3D

Gretsch guitar and Marshall amplifier.

Home Office
3D Home Office

Home Office.

Pripyat Ferris Wheel
Pripyat - Ferris Wheel in 3D

Pripyat Ferris Wheel.

Robert Harting as 3D model
Robert Harting in 3D

Robert Harting in 3D (very detailed character design).

Motic BA-410
Motic BA-410

Motic BA-410 microscope (medical product rendering).

Alexanderplatz (Berlin) 3D Infographic
Berliner Fernsehturm (Television Tower)

Alexanderplatz Berlin. (exterior visualization)

Berliner Dom
Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral)

Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral). (exterior visualization)

ELSA (JRC) (European Laboratory for structural assessment)

Physical vulnerability of critical structures.

VC (Interior visualization)

VC Rendering.

Mercedes SLS AMG
Mercedes SLS AMG

Mercedes SLS AMG (interior and exterior car visualization).