FHR Annual Report

FHR annual report
FHR Jahresbericht
  • Final Render
  • Atrium - Wireframe-Mix
  • Atrium - Wireframe
  • Atrium - Wireframe
  • City Wireframe
  • City Wireframe
  • City Wireframe
  • City Wireframe

Category: Architectural/Product Visualization
Project: FHR Jahresbericht 3D Visualization
Date: Jan 2020
Client: FHR
Modeling: 3Ds Max
Rendering: VRay
Postproduction: Photoshop

3D visualization for FHR annual report 2019. Very high resolution rendering completely done in 3Ds Max. The scene shows an autonomous driving simulator and is separated in two scenes. Scene 1 is the main simulator with the car and environment, scene 2 is the cityscape on the screen. Final render is 14000 x 7500.

FHR annual report 2019.