Custom webdesign for RCCR-Artists (Webdesign / Coding)
  • RCCR-Artists (custom webdesign)
  • RCCR-Artists (custom webdesign)
  • RCCR-Artists (custom webdesign)

Category: Custom Webdesign / Coding
Project: RCCR Artists
Date: February 2021
Client: RCCR Projects GmbH
Design: Alena Shvetsova

Full responsive and customized website for RCCR Artists in 3 different languages, based on WordPress and made with Elementor. A lot of custom features including a self written audio player plugin.

RCCR Artists represents young upcoming talents, renowned musicians, chamber music groups as well as symphonic orchestras and creatives such as composers, painters or photographers of Russia and Germany. As a part of educational exchange our roster also includes music coaches, who help young generation of musicians to understand the traditions of interpretations of those two cultural strongholds.

RCCR Artists Website